Blackview BV8000 Pro Smart phone Review

Outdoor high quality. With the Blackview BV8000 Pro, Blackview delivers an upgrade to its outside smartphone sequence that is the heir to the BV7000. The options are remarkable: 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage space, Complete HD show, and a 16 Mega-pixel digital camera. In inclusion, it is IP-68 qualified and has a side marks indicator and some other receptors that might be attractive an outside smartphone.

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These consist of a built-in compass and a measure. In comparison to the more cost-effective gadgets of the sequence, there is also a bit better processer, the Mediatek MT6757. All in all, Blackview provides adequate functions for the cash here. However, the functions that look great on document are not quite nearly as excellent in exercise.

When purchasing a smartphone from the Far Eastern, we factor to the traditions and CE documentation rules and the assurance laws and regulations. The record of the outside mobile phones that we have examined continues to grow gradually. As evaluation gadgets, the New Samsung Galaxy XCover 4, the AGM A8, the Nomu S30, and the Archos 50 Saphir are available. Even though the costs for the evaluation products in the same variety, the components functions differ considerably.


Blackview depends on a Mediatek MT6757 CPU with 8 cores here. This is about twice as quickly as the snacks used in Blackview’s cost-effective gadgets (mostly the MT6737), so it is about on par as the New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was regarded a high-end program a very extensive period ago. The CPU is associated by an ARM Mali-T880 MP2 GPU that suits well to the processer in the evaluation. 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space should also fulfill most wishes.


With Android 7.0, Blackview Phone uses a quite present edition of Google operating system. As traditional for this producer, there is no individual app cabinet here either. As in the iPhone, the applications are placed close to the Desktop. Furthermore, the symbols of some conventional applications have obtained a “Metallic” look from Blackview Phone. In some choices, the symbols have been modified in this way as well. While this looks okay on the Desktop in its unique condition, it looks a little bit out of position in the Configurations, for example. If more applications are included, they will not have the modified looks.

We also see some adverse factors in the application. For example, the show often shown an ant competition, which we originally believed was a problem of the show. However, the issue only happens when enjoying films and 3D applications. After executing an upgrade (yes, Blackview Phone really provides frequent up-dates for its devices), the issue seemed to happen less often, obviously only when enjoying video clips. Afterwards the product had one other issue, but more on that in the appropriate area later.

  • If you don’t have a stage with you …If you don’t have a stage with you …
  • You will discover the elevation with the built-in measure. You will discover the elevation with the built-in measure.
  • The Outdoor Tool kit provides some useful applications. The Outdoor Tool kit provides some useful applications.

Communication and GPS

While the BLACKVIEW BV8000 Pro is forward of most of its opponents with regards to WLAN rate, it continues to be behind the Nomu S30. Its rate of about 100 MBit/s is no new history, but rather small. The present iPhone 7 or Samsung’s Galaxy S8 accomplish about five periods the rate here. However, for browsing on the Online, the rate is still adequate, since most online relationships are not quicker than that anyway. Greater rates of speed would only be useful when loading from regional gadgets (such as a NAS).

If you take away the BLACKVIEW BV8000 Pro’s back again dish which is properly secured with Philips nails, you can see three cards spots.