Why solar energy? This is question many homeowners and business owners ask. Indeed, Is solar power still an option?

The answer is it, now more than ever. The technology for solar power has improved vastly in the last ten years — it is now easier and more convenient to have a solar-powered home.

But apart from this, what are the other reasons why you should switch to solar power? Here are a few convincing reasons why:

1. Reduce your carbon footprint.

This is the oft-repeated reason why people should convert to solar power — and with good reason, too.

Solar power is a kind of renewable energy, a kind of energy that comes from a source that isn’t consumed. When your home is powered by solar panels, you reduce your use of traditional electricity, which is from fossil fuels. Not only is fossil fuel not renewable (which means its source can be completely depleted when used), it also emits gases that cause air pollution and even climate change.

If going “green” is a huge concern for you, turning to solar power should be a top consideration for your home.

2. Save money

Needless to say, one of the reasons why you should no longer ask “is solar power still an option” is because of the saving you can get.

You can reduce your energy bills when you use solar power for your homes. This is because you supplement your traditional power source with renewable — and free — energy that you produce yourself. What many don’t realize is that the solar power system doesn’t even have to produce all of the energy their homes consume. The solar panel system typically lasts for about 25 years, which means if you have this installed in your house, you can generate free power and, hence, save on electricity cost.

It can also be used to protect a home against rising energy costs.

3. Increase your home’s value

Another benefit of a solar power system in your home is how it affects the value of your property. Many reports claim that homes with solar power systems have higher values compared to those without. This makes sense since it is an additional investment in a property that could net savings for the new property owners.

4. Improved technology

Many are concerned that solar panels won’t be sufficient enough to power a home since the system is reliant to sunlight. But thanks to the advancements in solar panels being used now, this isn’t exactly the case.

Most solar panels work even without direct sunlight and in places where it is usually cloudy or overcast. In fact, the United Kingdom and Germany are among the top producers of solar energy in the world.

5. Stay competitive

If you are a business owner, solar power is the way to go. Many establishments have invested on solar panels not only to save money but also to show their commitment to the use of clean, renewable energy.

Many states in America offer incentives to homeowners and business owners who install solar panels as well.

Is solar power still an option? The answer to this question is no longer debatable. Learn more how you can go solar at http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/SOLARINFO/WebPictures/Consumer_Solar_Guide.pdf

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