Basic plus New York believes in fast and efficient services. We are experts in national security business. Basic Plus offers a list of door locks with the latest products available Locksmith in New York. Users can easily see through our catalog to find the locks suitable for their doors. Once customers decide what type of lock is best for their home or office, our company will be ready to offer the installation of a door lock in any selected lock. A good door lock can keep a client’s home or office building safe. Customers feel good for their professional company to install their locks so they know that everything is installed correctly.

If a lock is working properly, the Basic Plus offers a professional lock repair service in New York. Customers can contact us and a professional lock NYC will come to your place to repair your locks. When older people are in good condition, it can be more expensive than buying new locks. We welcome all of our new millions of dollars in our company. We are a reliable company that has more than 20 years of experience in New York City. The basic price plus offers excellent services at affordable prices. We are a locally owned and operating company that values ​​honesty and integrity, and treats your home as it was ours. We offer a variety of general contractors that are customized according to the project of each individual. We will look for it to compete in competition; we will focus on the details of each of the projects we are involved in. We hope to establish a lasting relationship and ensure your satisfaction.

Emergency Locksmith in NY 24/7 service installation and repair, ranges from each type of containers and vitas, walls to valves. All types of entrance doors, wood / glass / metal, even French doors. Lock the Replace key. When our team work in your home or business environment provides the highest standards of equipment. We specialize in the installation and repair of your basic and advanced commercial and residential door hardware for integrated locks, high security locks, clutter locks, door locks, and clock bar output devices. In addition, we specialize in the supply and installation of supplies, doors, doors, fire escape ladders, window bars and more. We provide a large number of solutions to residential locks. We can repair any locks, adjustments, doors and doors, or we can install them. Your locks can be changed in your doors or the specialists in the swimming pools that we use or we can re-create them. It’s good in a situation where you do not know who the key is or your keys are lost.

Basic Plus offers professional A / C cleaning and repair services to its customers throughout New York City. Our maintenance and service teams have extensively tested units of small window units in residential buildings and commercial buildings in the HVAC system large-scale units. To meet the nature and service of the unit with our customers, we bring together our professional teams along with their devices so that we can provide the fastest and most efficient service to our customers.

If you need a trusted handyman in the NYC, you have arrived at the right place. Basic Plus provides handyman professional services to facilitate the treatment of your life. Our equipment cleans the A / C filters tubes, brides, fans and edges that have collected dust. Our professional team includes vacuum cleaner, brush and Bluetooth to ensure dust removal from all parts of the air conditioner unit. All kinds of A / C units need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Some units that are often not used, an annual service is sufficient, but companies in large buildings, which work several hours a day, should serve for maximum efficiency. Basic Plus has launched a wide range of electrical services. We offer competitive electrical solutions, including installing / replacing light switches, dimensions or ceiling fans, fixing rain and doing more.