No doubt about it: Solar is best renewable power option. Its system is quite convenient — convenient that it can be installed in your homes or business in order to provide you with clean, renewable energy.

Solar power is energy that’s converted from sunlight and turned into electricity using photovoltaic cells or panels, more known as solar panels. The solar panels absorb the sunlight; according to studies, the best solar panels available can convert 22 percent of the available energy (in this case, sunlight) into usable electrical power.

Of course, it isn’t the only power source. But what makes solar power the best option for renewable energy? To know this, it is best to look into the different kind of energy sources so you can confidently say that solar is best renewable power option.

Fossil fuel is natural fuel — oil, natural gas, and coal, among others — that is a source of energy. It is from remains of living organisms and is made from hydrocarbons. When burned, they turn into carbon dioxide.

In order to produce electricity, for instance, you need to burn fossil fuel. The gas used to run cars and other vehicles is fossil fuel; the car’s engine burns the gas in order to turn it into energy.

Fossil fuel isn’t renewable, which means it can be completely depleted when used. And because fossil fuel is from the remains of living organisms, it’s possible that its supply will run out.

Because its supply is limited, the price of fossil fuel can go up over time. Therefore, the price of fuel dictates the price of electricity.

But the biggest problem with fossil fuel is that it produces carbon dioxide when burned — which leads to air pollution and, in the long run, global warming.

Solar is best renewable power option compared to fossil fuel for many reasons. Solar power is renewable, clean, and, free once the solar power system in your home is in place.

Wind power is also a form of renewable energy that is produced via wind turbines (it is produced when air flows through turbines which powers generators to produce electricity). Like solar power, it is clean and cost-efficient.

However, they’re not as space-efficient as solar power systems; wind turbines are big and usually built on ranches and farms and other areas with wide, open spaces. It is possible to install a small wind turbine for residential use, but it wouldn’t be able to power a whole household. It can also be noisy and could cause harm to local wildlife.

Hydropower, meanwhile, is also renewable energy that requires moving water to be converted into electricity. It is clean, as it doesn’t pollute itself. But it has many disadvantages, one of which being it’s not an option that’s readily available for home and business owners. When used it bodies of water, it also has a number of problems — it can disrupt water ecosystems, requires construction with high initial costs, and has adverse effects on the environment. It is simply an option that’s not available for everyone.

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